Friday Observing – M67 Open Cluster Image


M67 OpenCluster - 27 Jan12 (click for larger)

Continuing our quest to capture images of the Messier objects, we secured another one at last night’s observing session

This image was captured using the Alan Young 22.5″ reflector telescope.

M67 (NGC 2682) in Cancer. An open cluster known to be one of the oldest in excess of 10 billion years old!!

Alan Young Telescope Adjusted For Better Images

Last night, some adjustments were made to our big telescope, the Alan Young, to improve alignment.

Then taking advantage of the clear, cold night, some “test” images were taken. These are some of its sharpest images so far.

Here are 3 images of Jupiter with moons and the Orion Nebula M42. (click each thumbnail for a larger version)

Friday Observing – 21st October

Last night’s viewing was good with five participants.

The Alan Young telescope bagged another Messier object (M39 – NGC7092) an open cluster (unfortunately image is slightly out of focus).

Also imaged various regions in Cygnus. Two images below:-


Gienah (epsilon Cygni) - Alan Young telescope 21/10/2011


Albireo (beta Cygni) - Alan Young telescope 21/10/2011

Friday 14th October Observing

Last night at the Observatory, we had our usual (if clear skies) Friday evening observing session.

Good viewing conditions enabled us to capture FOUR Messier objects with the AY ‘scope:¬†

  1. Andromeda Nebula M32
  2. M2 Globular cluster in Aquarius
  3. M15 Globular cluster in Pegasus
  4. M57 the fantastic Ring Nebula in Lyra

Also some nice views of the 17day old Moon.

Here are a selection of images taken: